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be the next best version of yourself

"Emotions are the horse. I am the rider"


be the next best version of yourself

"Emotions are the horse. I am the rider"

"I highly recommend Hans' approach towards motivating people and getting the best of each and every person he undertakes to train & motivate."

Crédit Agricole - France

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October 16, 2019

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Everything changes, and yet nothing is different

When you learn a new feature of a device you own, it often leads to an AHA moment, doesn't it? Applying the new feature makes you happy, it brings you faster to the desired result. You are enthused!

How about your personal features?

  • How many of them do you know?

  • How many of them do you use?

  • What would it mean to you if you would be enabled to use more of what you have in you?

  • Where would it bring you if you could change your limiting behaviors or beliefs? 

  • How would it impact your environment if you recognized signals faster and easier?

That is where I come in.

I take you on a fascinating exploration tour in your own personal manual. I facilitate the discovery of hidden buttons, switches, insights and resources, you may have never used before. Learning and applying the discoveries help you to:

  • accept, understand and digest change

  • define clear and shiny goals for you, your teams or your company

  • be in comfortable harmony with who you are and with the roles you assume in the movie of you life

  • discover enabling beliefs and eliminate limiting ones inside yourself and with others

  • master skills to communicate in a highly effective way and achieve desired outcomes faster

  • tune your behavior in function of what you want to obtain 

  • cope effectively with external non-controllable events

One day I heard a customer say: "my life has been me spending valuable time looking for meaning of words in a big book, and then have Hans come in and tell me all the words in the book are ordered in an alphabetical way. ... WOW"

Read here how I do what I do and how it lands.

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Stephen Covey

inspire, create and co-create



Inspire and guide

Alex and Hans have been partners in crime since 1994 and support a variety of organisations in all forms of cultural and technological change. Companies incl. Microsoft, HP, Proximus and other big and small ones adore working with them. What about you ? Check our FB page to get an idea of what we do


and why should you care?

When I share the story of my life, people consistently tell me they find it quite inspiring. 

I grow up in 70s/80s and love the "everything-is-possible" mindset of these days.

Even though I have a passion for technology, I study languages. Languages don't change, technology does. I graduate Master Interpreter and start my first (and last) job. It takes some people 25 years to realize they are not living the life they truly want to live. It takes me 6 months. I resign and start my first business. The adventure brings me to Spain where I live for 2 years. Back in Belgium I start another business. This one, however, fails as sometimes businesses do, and leaves me with a substantial financial hangover.

The next three years you see me selling everything that yields money to pay off the debts. What a most amazing period full of learning.

In 94 I reboot with yet another new business. We assist startups (in these days) like Microsoft and Compaq in developing their retail activities. The company grows, new startups on our market incl. Orange and Mobistar use our expertise to consolidate their market positions. Non-IT companies including P&G or Toyota join the ranks of happy customers. We employ over 30 people and manage a team of 300 free-lancers, when in 2008 I decide it is time for yet another change.

Meanwhile my customers have assigned an increasing number of presentation missions to me. Every time again, the audience is delighted with the outcome and I love to be on stage, inspiring an audience.

I wonder more and more what keeps and has kept me so positive through all the failures and successes of the past 20 years.

So curious to understand the 'model' behind my own life, I start studying the "art" of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The learning of over 50 days of intensive practicing is impressive. My kids often say there is a "dad version 1" and a post-NLP "dad version 2". 

Ever since, I inspire people to become the next best version of themselves and to gain the insights that turned my already great life into an even better one.

No, I am not divorced, I have not suffered a harmful disease or accident. I did and do face challenges every day again in a fast changing world. I just made a series choices and lived with the consequences in a way that apparently inspires many people.

We do not live in the past, we live in the present and plan for the future.

If you want to travel part of your journey with me, you'll get a down-to-earth map with options, tips, hacks and above all optimism and happiness. You will gain skills and insights and become a master in always knowing your best options.