The power of and fun with LEGO

NTT Data is one of the larger international Tech Companies and they asked me to moderate their customer event in Brussels. They chose me because they heard I had a specific far-from-the-box style and that is what they were looking for.  

The key takeaway of the opening was that many things have changed over the past decades and yet so many things are still the same. The way we cope with “change” depends on how we are cabled in our brains and hearts. The SQUARE SQUIGGLE icebreaker game allowed participants to exchange info on who they are and how they are cabled. It turned out to be an interesting learning. 

Next participants followed inspirational sessions on DATA maturity and on How to avoid the customer data drama. I summarized the topics and added some of my personal sauce where relevant.

In part 2 of the morning, the participants were divided in three groups and invited to build a construction that reflects how they envision DATA and successful customer journeys in 2023.

We assisted to some really cool ideas presented in an original way. The customer was very happy!


If you look for original and fun ways to replace traditional moderation or Masters of ceremony for your customer or partner events, send me a mail or call me. I’ll be glad to discover the options with you and see if we have a fit.

Take care!

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