Growth mode or survival mode?

October 2022: for some time now, the world has not been what it once was. We’ve just digested Covid and now we’re seeing energy prices skyrocket. Tensions between nations are escalating into global uncertainty about the future and decline in consumer confidence.

Growth or survival mindset?

At the same time, we also see numerous organizations and individuals who are not getting any poorer. So there is still money in this world, … a lot of money.

Entrepreneurs have options. They can focus on the uncertainty and adjust their policies for the coming months accordingly. They choose survival mode, or “Flight or Freeze”.

Entrepreneurs can also ask themselves the question: “how can I get some of that money to flow into my company?”. That puts them in a growth mode, or “Fight”.

Both choices are perfectly right. Above all, let’s remember that the story you tell yourself as an entrepreneur will largely determine your reality. You sometimes hear reactions in the sense of: “we can’t do much about what is happening in the world, can we?”. Correct. However, we can choose how we deal with it.

You can opt for the CRASH attitude. CRASH is an acronym in which the letters stand for

  • Contracted: the company is all but relaxes, and you are constantly looking for possible dangers
  • Reactive: you react defensively, save everywhere, slow down, and put things on hold
  • Analysis-paralysis: the main focus is on how to deal with the problems in order to limit the damage. That eventually leads to lethargy
  • Separating: you don’t see the bigger picture and only focus on a selection of elements. Due to all kinds of panic measures, you lose connection with your customers and your employees
  • Hurt/hateful: you point the finger at guilty and responsible people and think they should do things differently.

Others opt for the COACH attitude. COACH stands for:

  • Centered: we don’t let circumstances dictate what happens to us, we decide it ourselves
  • Open: we are open to innovation, to optimism, to opportunities and to think and act proactively and creatively
  • Aware: we remain aware of the reality and of the possibilities that each new scenario offers
  • Connected: thanks to our attitude, we stay connected to our identity, our customers, and our employees
  • Holding space: you don’t look for culprits and use the energy of everyone involved without any judgment. You see possibilities everywhere and stimulate conscious and unconscious creativity

If you agree that you are the author of your own story, the director of your own movie and that it all starts with how you live your life, then you know that your attitude determines the mode in which you and your company will spend time in the coming months.

You can’t teach a drowning person to swim. Make sure you learn to swim now or  refine and evolve your swimming techniques. It will help you to simply never drown.

Which mode do you choose? And how do you handle it? I’d love to read your feedback. Thank you.

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