Life without the stress of living it

Life without the stress of living” : I think it’s a beautiful tagline that covers an interesting content.

I am a Master NLP Practitioner with an unlimited curiosity in how we humans can get the most and best out of our short existence on earth. This leads to two specific activities for individuals and groups:

  1. For groups, in collaboration with the Brain Pirates, I share inspiration in the fields of Neurolinguistic Programming, Deep trance, Hypnosis and other methods to achieve a top level of personal mastery. In this context I also publish books (Brain Pirates for children) and Podcasts
  2. For individuals I am a happy mental coach. In this capacity I have guided hundreds of people around various personal challenges. As I care very much for your privacy, I guarantee a safe environment and 100% discretion. Hence, you will not find any references to the many successful sessions of the past years.
  • quit smoking.
  • relational challenges and problems
  • frustrations
  • Addictions
  • Bad habits
  • Obsessions
  • being bullied at school (children)
  • finding direction in life
  • communication
  • bipolar behavior
  •  …

Besides certifications in NLP and CBT I am also a certified “mindscaper” which allows me to successfully use a blend of hypnosis techniques and proven methods from cognitive behavioral therapy and NLP to make your transition work.

The sessions take place in the Happiness Farm or on-line.  You can book here

  1. Individual sessions cost 135€/session
  2. When multiple sessions are useful, we discuss a package price.
  3. You can pay in advance or on the spot via Payconiq