Together We Achieve More: The Collaborative Journey of ‘Speak to Sell

We’ve all come across the saying, “Go alone, and you’ll get there fast. Go together, and you’ll go far.” While there are times when working solo is both effective and efficient, I’m a firm believer in the magic of collaboration. This has been overwhelmingly evident as I’ve been working on my upcoming book, “Speak to Sell.”

The Wonders of AI: Engaging with the Book and Its Author
Let’s face it, the digital age has revolutionized the way we consume information and read books. Eager to embrace this shift, I aimed to offer an experience that goes beyond traditional reading. And what could be cooler than having a virtual version of the author – me – available to answer your queries about the book?

Thanks to a brilliant collaboration with Peter Vervloedt and the Digital Comfort Factory, who crafted a Comfortcube (aka GPT-chatbot), readers can converse not just with the book, but with a virtual version of me too! As of now, we’re refining a version for those curious about the book. Also, for those who’ve made the purchase, there’s a tailored edition ready to serve as a virtual coach for impromptu queries. Imagine having a sounding board just before stepping into a conversation, leading a meeting, or any occasion that calls for some extra insight. This not only amplifies engagement but offers direct value and depth, catering to those with specific inquiries or just looking for a chat about the content.

Illustrations That Breathe Life
Books aren’t just about words. The visual elements play a pivotal role in conveying the message and drawing in the reader. Thanks to the artistic prowess of Karl Mortier from the House of Coaching, “Speak to Sell” is adorned with breathtaking illustrations, each breathing life into the chapters they accompany.

Stronger Together
Sure, I might’ve penned “Speak to Sell” quicker on my own. But joining forces with these talented souls has led to a richer, more profound, and interactive experience that’s unfolding for you, my cherished readers. “Go alone, and you’ll get there fast. Go together, and you’ll go far.” isn’t just a saying for me. It’s a philosophy I embrace wholeheartedly in life and work.

Thank you for taking a moment to journey with me today. Soon, you’ll be able to engage with the virtual author firsthand. I’m buzzing with anticipation to hear your thoughts on the book and the incredible facets these collaborations have introduced!

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