Speak to Sell

All you want to know about the upcoming book "Speak to sell"

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When you take + 30 years of experience in training sales professionals for a wide range of big and small players and merge it with techniques and insights from the worlds of neuroscience, positive psychology, hypnosis and NLP, you get a wonderfully effective result.

Over the past 3 years I gathered my notes, my learnings and experiences and wrote them in a book “Speak to sell, conversation tactics for high impact sales”. It is the must-have guide for anyone wanting to communicate more effectively.

In collaboration with The Digital Comfort Factory I am now training an A.I. Chat buddy, that will allow you to interact with the book and its rich content.

I am truely excited!! If you are too, tell me via https://speaktosell.be

Speak to sell comes with a training and coaching offering via The House of Coaching

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