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About the book

In “Beyond Words,” you’ll discover the secrets of impactful communication, blending neuroscience and practical wisdom to revolutionize the way we connect with others. This transformative guide takes you beyond the surface of conversation, delving into the art and science of human interaction.

Through Hans’ expert insights and real-world examples, you’ll explore the neurological underpinnings of effective communication. The book equips you with strategies to navigate complex conversations, build deep rapport, and influence with integrity. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to elevate their communication skills, from seasoned professionals to those just starting their journey.

At the core of “Beyond Words” is the power of self-awareness. By understanding your own communicative style and aligning it with your values and beliefs, you can create meaningful and authentic connections. Whether it’s in a personal or professional setting, this book shows you how to engage in conversations that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact.

Prepare to transform your approach to communication. With “Beyond Words,” you’ll discover the neuroscience behind conversations that don’t just speak, but truly connect.

Thank you Karl Mortier for the inspiring illustrations!

About the author

We have met during several coaching sessions and Hans his knowledge combined with his deep enthousiasm makes him the ideal coach to challenge people and their mindsets.His fresh concepts makes you to see the world from a different perspective” – Peter Snauwaert – PSGrow

Today I attended one of Hans’ training sessions at KPN, one word, amazing!– Anas Sirhan – T-Mobile

“…always full of interesting ideas, and his training sessions are not only informative, but also a great fun!” – Maria Lehnard – CMO Microsoft WE

Hans coached salespeople and managed to change their attitude and selling method. Results surpassed expectations by a fat margin” – JF Fargaud – Crédit Agricole FR

Hans Demeyer is an acclaimed communication and sales strategist, blending neuroscience and psychology with practical sales experience. Renowned for transforming sales conversations, he has empowered professionals globally through workshops and innovative training. “Beyond Words” distills his effective and impactful approach into an indispensable guide.


Beyond Words is available via 24bookprint and soon also on Amazon, Bol and the House of Coaching.

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